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Kaveh Khorram

Kaveh Khorram

April 7, 2022 · 2 min read


Usage AI AWS Cost insight tool

Usage's newest Cost Insights tool

Starting today, Usage AI is excited to announce the first iteration of its newest Cost Insights tool. We have heard from customers that, on top of saving money on AWS, they also enjoy the benefit of understanding their cloud costs.

We are even more excited to announce that this tool is available now and free to all users on all plans (including the Free plan). You shouldn't have to hand over a % of spend just to see how much you're spending on AWS.

Once logged into your usage.ai dashboard – head over to the Instance Search tab to see a list of EC2s. You can use the filter to splice-and-dice your EC2 costs across AWS accounts to see different costs.

You get these tools out of the box with our new Free Cost Insights tool while it's in Beta:

  • Ability to add unlimited users to your usage.ai dashboard
  • Ability to add unlimited AWS accounts to your usage.ai dashboard
  • Ability to filter EC2s by StateAgeSpotIDRegion, and Instance Type
  • Ability to view which instances are covered by Savings Plans and RIs

You also get to leverage the Plans tab which shows your currently active RIs and Savings Plans. Here, you'll be able to see which RIs and SPs are being fully utilized, partially underutilized, and fully underutilized.

Of course, this is our first attempt at cost insights. If you have any feedback, feel free to ping me directly: [email protected]


1. Why are you releasing this for free?

Our primary business is saving money for customers through our Flex RIs. Our pricing is 20% of the savings we find customers, and Usage AI applies the savings automatically upon a one-click approval on the dashboard. When users sign up for this free cost insights tool, they'll also have the option of seeing savings opportunities which is where we take out savings cut. Of course, users don't need to use any of our optimizations and can continue using the Cost Insights tool free of charge.

2. Will this be free forever?

We currently have no plans to charge for this tool. Our mission is to help companies save money, not spend more money.

3. Are these read-only permissions?

Yes– the only "write" permissions we have are in relation to the Reserved Instance management which lets us buy/sell your reservations.

4. Do you plan on expanding the cost insights beyond just EC2?

Yes– our product development is very customer-feedback driven so let us know what other cost-visibility features you'd like to see! You can ping feedback directly to me at [email protected]

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Kaveh KhorramCEO, Usage AI
Kaveh Khorram
CEO, Usage AI

Kaveh is the Founder and CEO of www.usage.ai


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