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June 7, 2023 | 2 min read
Usage AI announces product launch for Microsoft Azure
Bardia Rezaei

Bardia Rezaei

Chief of Staff

Bardia is the Chief of Staff at Usage AI.
Press Release

New York, New York, June 2023 - We've got some exciting news! After our fruitful journey with AWS, we're expanding our user-friendly and cost-effective services to another powerful platform—Microsoft Azure.

Our mission at Usage AI has always been about empowering you to extract the maximum value from your cloud resources. Knowing that cloud spending is a major slice of your IT budget, we're excited to bring our unique blend of advanced analytics and customer-centricity to Azure. Our goal is to make your cloud resource management a breeze, and significantly boost your savings. 

We're introducing a feature that we're pretty excited about—our easy-to-use interface for your Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). Replacing the Azure UI, Usage AI offers a streamlined portal that brings together all your Azure VMs and commitments in one consolidated view.

But what makes our platform stand out from the Azure UI?

  1. Everything at a Glance: No need to hop between different screens in Azure UI. Usage AI's interface presents a comprehensive view of all your Azure VMs and commitments in one simplified dashboard.
  2. Commitment Management Made Easy: Juggling Azure Reserved Instances (RIs) and other Azure resources shouldn't be a headache. That's why we've designed our platform to help manage your commitments in a straightforward and intuitive way.
  3. Analytics at Your Fingertips: To top it off, Usage AI brings you the power of advanced analytics and machine learning. You'll get insightful recommendations that will take your cloud resource management from good to great.

By extending our platform to Azure, we're bringing together the two titans of cloud computing. Whether you're an AWS veteran, new to Azure, or striding confidently with a multi-cloud strategy, Usage AI is here to help you get the absolute best from your cloud investments. 

We couldn't be more grateful for your continued support as we expand our mission to simplify cloud usage and make it more cost-effective. To our loyal users, we invite you to take our new Azure services for a spin. Reach out to your customer success manager for any questions! 

If you're new to Usage AI, we extend a warm welcome to our community, and look forward to helping you supercharge your cloud strategy. 

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements!

In anticipation of customer inquiries, Usage AI has provided answers to several potential questions:

Q: What does integration look like?

Similar to our other integrations, we’ve created a simple and secure onboarding process through an Active Directory Service Principal. Follow the steps provided on our platform and create an Azure service principal.

Q: Where will my Azure data populate?

Toggle to your Azure information directly through the Usage dashboard with a click of a button!

Q: How much does the Azure tool cost?

Our beta is currently completely free. As the product evolves, we’ll introduce pricing tiers for our Azure products and features.

Bardia Rezaei

Bardia Rezaei

Chief of Staff

Bardia is the Chief of Staff at Usage AI.
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