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September 28, 2023 | 5 min read
Usage launches Cost Anomaly Detection
Kaveh Khorram

Kaveh Khorram


Kaveh Khorram is the CEO and Founder of Usage AI
<p>Usage launches Cost Anomaly Detection</p>

As we address the intricacies of AWS costs, I'm pleased to announce the introduction of Anomaly Detection. This tool will soon integrate with our Cloud Cost Visibility product, ClearCost. With this addition, we aim to achieve precise detection of unexpected costs. Moreover, by identifying these cost anomalies, businesses will have a clearer path to further reduce their expenses.

Details on Anomaly Detection:

Focused Savings: It’s not just about spotting overspends. By catching anomalies early, we're giving you the chance to revisit, reassess, and potentially reduce future costs.

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