Deploy On-Demand environments and Save Money on AWS - in minutes: Qovery & Usage AI Announce Partnership
Kane Daniel

Kane Daniel

September 22, 2022 · 2 min read

Usage AI & Qovery announce their partnership today

Saving on AWS has never been easier

New York & France - September 22nd, 2022 - Qovery, a world class Environment-as-a-Service platform that allows developers to test and release products faster by allowing them to spin up production-like AWS environments in seconds - at scale, and Usage AI, an industry leading cloud savings firm, today announced a partnership to enable developers to test and release features at the lowest possible cost in the cloud. 

With cloud computing becoming increasingly critical to business agility, the ability to test and release features quickly cannot be understated; iterating upon existing products and releasing new ones is essential in today’s hyper-competitive landscape. Traditionally, companies have to stage their own environments to enjoy the freedom to test and build features; a process that often can’t keep pace with the speed of innovation. With Qovery, this is no longer a concern - developers can test and release features 4x faster with Qovery’s On-Demand Environments!

To build products quickly is one thing, to do so cost effectively is another. Enter Usage AI. Usage allows customers on AWS to convert all of their On-Demand spend to the Reserved Instance pricing model, thereby cutting their compute spend by an average of 57%. To achieve this for its’ customers, Usage doesn’t touch the instances, require any code change, or change the performance of their instances. Usage buys Reserved Instances on a customer’s behalf (a billing layer change only) and bundles them with guaranteed buyback, thereby allowing the steep 57% savings of 3-year no-upfront RIs with none of the commitment!

The direct connection between Qovery’s On-Demand Environments and Usage AI’s Reserved Instance Optimizations is the ability for customers using both to test, release, and save in the cloud as fast as possible. Business agility meets cost optimization in one seamless experience!

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Kane DanielHead of Savings
Kane Daniel
Head of Savings

Kane Daniel is the Head of Savings at Usage AI.


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