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Never pay for an unused resource again.
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Cut Cloud Cost By More Than Half

Big Savings Made Safe and Easy

Usage tailors your AWS commitments to match your actual consumption of AWS services on an automated and ongoing basis.
Usage is simply an IAM Policy + Role that takes fewer than 5 minutes to include into your AWS organization. No engineering work required!
Usage manages Reserved Instances for 200+ customers. From SMBs to Enterprise level customers, companies trust Usage to save on AWS!
Operating at the billing layer only, Usage can't touch or modify your instances in any way. ZERO percent chance for server downtime or workflow interruptions of any sort!
Commitment Free
Commitment Free
Usage is a monthly commitment, which paired with our Buyback Guarantee on all RI purchases, means you don't have to commit to AWS or Usage to see savings!

Insured Compute Commitments for AWS

Usage insures Reserved Instances with a Buyback Guarantee and uses the Reserved Instance Marketplace to automatically exchange excess capacity across our pool of AWS customers.Usage customers can maximize their savings potential on AWS with the knowledge that they will never pay for an unused resource ever again.

Save Time and Work Less

Usage’s Autopilot will automatically apply all the current savings recommendations on your Usage dashboard + all future recommendations as they become available! One click and your savings will be on Autopilot from then on out!

Manage All Your Instances

Usage allows you to quickly access all of the EC2 instance data you want - spending, savings, utilization rate, and more - in one powerful app!
Account Management

Manage All Your Accounts

Usage AI allows you to manage multiple AWS accounts from a single, easy-to-use dashboard! Built with engineering teams in mind, you can invite your whole team to have eyes-on the same dashboard!
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We Tread Lightly

Usage AI uses an extremely limited IAM Role to analyze your cloud and buy and sell reservations.
WE CANNOT modify, or in any way touch your instances.
WE CANNOT read code or network traffic.
WE CANNOT start, stop, or modify your instances

The Best of Both Billing Models

By virtue of the Buy-Back Guarantee, Usage is able to combine the savings of Reserved with the flexibility of On-Demand.
On Demand

XHighest hourly rate
✓Flexible (can be shut on/off at will)

XRequires 1 - 3 year contract
✓Up to 57% savings
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✓No 1-3 year contract
✓Flexible (can be shut on/off at will)
✓Up to 57% savings

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*This savings estimate assumes you have no active Savings Plans or Reserved Instances.
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Daniel Broukhim

Daniel Broukhim

Co-Founder of FabFitFun

We frequently autoscale, so prior to Usage, it was nerve-wracking committing to Savings Plans and Reserved Instances. More commitments meant more savings, but they also increased our risk exposure. With Usage's Buyback Guarantee, we've maximized our annual savings at no risk to ourselves - that's hard to beat!
Chase Cottle

Chase Cottle

Co-Founder and CTO of Eyeball Division

This is the easiest 'yes' you could possibly commit to - essentially get free money you wouldn't have otherwise. I can't think of a reason you shouldn't use this service. It takes all the headaches out of managing Reserved Instances and making sure you're getting the best rate for your infrastructure.
Justin Ullman

Justin Ullman

Founder and CEO of RhinoDox

One of the simpler decisions I've ever had to make. Between it only requiring minimal access, delivering great savings, and being a one-time onboarding, our AWS bill is a monthly reminder that we made a great choice!
No Surprises, Just Savings

Simple Flat Fee Pricing. Period.

From one AWS bill to the next, Usage only bills for a percentage of the actual savings we helped you realize.
{"src":"/_next/static/media/MoneyOff.a7832adf.svg","height":24,"width":24,"blurWidth":0,"blurHeight":0}No hidden fees. No conditions. No pricing tiers.
{"src":"/_next/static/media/CloudCheck.73fb50fe.svg","height":24,"width":24,"blurWidth":0,"blurHeight":0}Billed in line with your monthly AWS bill.

of Total Savings
RDS, Elasticache, OpenSearch, DynamoDB

of Total Savings

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