Announcing Guaranteed Buyback on 3-Year Azure SPs for 50%+ Savings!

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Guaranteed Savings on AWS, Azure, and GCP

50%+ in just 5 minutes

No downtime, no account change, no trade-off, no engineering work required - zero commitment risk.
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Usage AI has helped customers on AWS, Azure and GCP save more than

on their cloud spend
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Trusted by thousands of companies
Our algorithms tirelessly optimize your AWS, Azure, and GCP discounts around the clock, reducing long-term commitment risks without any manual effort. Once savings are discovered, you only pay a small percentage of the found savings.

The Power of Usage AI's CoPilot

Reduce costs by autonomously adjusting AWS, Azure, and GCP discount commitments to match changing infrastructure demands. CoPilot from Usage AI enables effortless access to deeper discounts without the risk of long-term financial commitments.

Change machine types, regions


Dynamic scalability


Versatile when moving across clouds


Automatic cash rebates for underutilization

Compare Savings

Automated and Insured Cost Optimization

Usage AI assesses your infrastructure and optimizes your commitments to simultaneously maximize your Cloud savings and protect you against paying for unused capacity with Savings Protection.
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Generate 50%+ Savings
Generate 50%+ compute savings with mathematically optimized savings strategies.
Immediate ROI
Generate greater savings by seamlessly enhancing your existing optimization strategy.
Fully Autonomous
Automatically save on new deployments and never worry about rate optimization again.

No Tech Trade-Offs or added overhead

Free up time for your engineering teams with Usage AI’s end-to-end platform that tirelessly works to maintain a portfolio of savings optimized AWS, Azure, and GCP discount instruments.
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Account management dashboard
Light IAM Policy
CoPilot only requires a light IAM Policy to integrate with your environment. No agent installations or code changes of any kind.
Billing Layer Access
CoPilot follows a principle of least privilege and only performs optimizations at the billing layer.
Security Conscious
We follow industry leading protocols to securely connect to your AWS, Azure, and GCP organization.

Robust Reporting features for Finance and Accounting

Usage AI intelligently maps AWS, Azure, and GCP savings to help your finance and engineering teams match engineering decisions to business outcomes.
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Account management dashboard
Multi-Org Reporting
CoPilot works across broad and disparate engineering organizations to unify teams on cost saving decisions and outcomes.
Spend Allocation
Intelligently allocate costs across business units, regions, and other custom reporting configurations.
Unified FinOps Dashboard
CoPilot aligns engineering and financial stakeholders with its centralized FinOps reporting center.

Why Usage AI?

Managing a truly optimized portfolio of AWS, Azure, and GCP discount instruments is both complex and demanding. Embracing Usage AI simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on more value-add engineering tasks with the confidence you're receiving the most mathematically optimized savings return.
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Industry Leading Optimization

Usage AI achieves industry-leading savings of up to 57% by curating a blend of high-savings/low-risk AWS, Azure, and GCP commitment-based discounts to yield optimal savings returns.

Empowering Enterprise-Grade Savings

DevOps and FinOps teams from Enterprise customers, MSPs, and Reseller Partners alike trust Usage AI to deliver reliable cost savings at scale.

Guaranteed Savings

CoPilot guarantees optimal commitment utilization with automated buyback. Any underutilized commitments are financially safeguarded through Usage AI's buy-back program.

See what our customers have to say!

Shrav Mehta

Shrav Mehta

Founder and CEO


We partnered with Usage AI to help scale up our growth strategy. We love their customer service, intuitive dashboard and automated recommendations, which gives us the agility to scale and go-to-market with a robust set of compliance offerings for our customers

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Ali Salihoglu

Ali Salihoglu

Special Projects Lead

Blank Street

We're delighted with the exceptional cost optimization and commitment management capabilities that Usage AI has delivered. The platform has not only allowed us to realize significant cost savings but has also made the management of our AWS infrastructure effortless.

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Tom Jaklitsch

Tom Jaklitsch

Co-Founder & CTO

Usage AI has been an invaluable partner in our growth. We've found them to bring the perfect blend of expertise and execution. In an industry often lacking in quality, they are a pleasure to work with and I'd highly recommend them for anyone looking to cost effectively level-up their cloud and data operations.

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Byron Jones

Byron Jones

Director of Engineering


We chose Usage for its excellent communication, flexibility, and quick response in providing solutions through Slack, allowing us to optimize costs effectively and increase our ROI, ultimately making it easy to recommend to others.

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Daniel Broukhim

Daniel Broukhim



We frequently autoscale, so prior to Usage, it was nerve-wracking committing to Savings Plans and Reserved Instances. More commitments meant more savings, but they also increased our risk exposure. With Usage's Buyback Guarantee, we've maximized our annual savings at no risk to ourselves - that's hard to beat!
Chase Cottle

Chase Cottle

Co-Founder and CTO

Eyeball Division

This is the easiest 'yes' you could possibly commit to - essentially get free money you wouldn't have otherwise. I can't think of a reason you shouldn't use this service. It takes all the headaches out of managing Reserved Instances and making sure you're getting the best rate for your infrastructure.
Justin Ullman

Justin Ullman

Founder and CEO


One of the simpler decisions I've ever had to make. Between it only requiring minimal access, delivering great savings, and being a one-time onboarding, our AWS bill is a monthly reminder that we made a great choice!

Start Maximizing your

Discovered Savings

Achieve 50%+ cost reductions across your cloud environments within minutes. CoPilot delivers tangible savings without compromising performance or functionality. Utilize your newfound savings to build faster and smarter.
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