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July 12, 2023 | 3 min read
The Future of AWS Cost Optimization: Introducing Usage AI's Commitment Compression
Kaveh Khorram

Kaveh Khorram


Kaveh Khorram is the Founder and CEO of Usage AI

Navigating the realm of cloud services, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), can often be a complex task. Believe me, I understand. And as AWS grows, managing and optimizing costs can become even more challenging. That's why we at Usage AI are committed to providing solutions to simplify this process and maximize your savings.

You may have heard about Amazon's recent policy change, limiting customers to sell only up to 5,000 lifetime Reserved Instances (RIs). Many businesses found this problematic, but not us at Usage AI. We rose to the occasion and developed a novel AI-driven algorithm, our Commitment Compression.

An Innovative Solution: Commitment Compression

Commitment Compression, our new feature, is not just another run-of-the-mill algorithm. It's a result of our innovative spirit and commitment to providing high-quality AWS cost optimization services.

Our algorithm aggregates RIs into more substantial blocks, creating an extensive portfolio that we then distribute among our hundreds of thriving customers. When we detect an underutilized RI, Commitment Compression efficiently partitions it into the largest sellable blocks and reallocates them to other customers. It's a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

What makes Commitment Compression so effective? Our secret is predictive analytics. This capability allows us to forecast the supply and demand for specific instance families and regions, ensuring that we're always one step ahead.

Breaking the 5,000 RI Limit Barrier

If you're nearing the 5,000 RI sale limit with your current vendor, we've got your back. Usage AI's Commitment Compression feature allows you to continue saving big with Standard Reserved Instances, without worrying about Amazon's 5,000 RI limit.

Final Thoughts

At Usage AI, we know how crucial effective cost management is in the rapidly evolving cloud services industry. Our Commitment Compression feature is a cutting-edge solution that ensures your AWS costs are optimized, delivering the benefits of a 3-year RI savings commitment without the associated long-term obligations.

We're not just about addressing your current needs; we're about setting you up for success in the future. Join us on this journey to more intelligent, sustainable, and efficient AWS cost management with Usage AI's Commitment Compression.

Kaveh Khorram

Kaveh Khorram


Kaveh Khorram is the Founder and CEO of Usage AI
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