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Usage AI removes almost all liability from reserved instances, thus allowing you to pay Reserved Instance rates for all your EC2 workloads running On Demand. Further, Usage AI is fully automated - completing a one time signup means you never have to worry about optimizing for EC2 again!

No - Usage AI optimizes at the billing layer only. Following the IAM Policy, Usage has ZERO ability to modify your environment. There is zero-touch to your infrastructure; thus, there is no chance for any server downtime or interruptions to your developer workflows!

NO - We use only IAM roles and permissions to perform all the required cost optimizations. We use AWS APIs to enable these savings. So, no installation is required on any of your instances.

Nope! Getting started with Usage only requires setting up an IAM policy and an IAM role in your AWS organization. From signup to savings, the Usage onboarding takes fewer than 5 minutes!

The Usage buy-back guarantee ensures that if you purchase a Reserved Instance through Usage and end up using less capacity than you paid for, you'll receive a credit on your next month's bill for the difference. Please note that any over-provisioning which occurs as a result of user action outside of our Terms and Conditions is not covered by this guarantee.

Reserved instances are a billing abstraction that offers significant discounts compared to standard “On Demand” cloud computing prices in return for committing to the instance for a specific period of time. Currently, Amazon allows reserved instances for a 1 and 3-year period.

Usage AI has NO access to your internal user data, any data stored by the systems being run on the reserved instances. Usage AI has the ability to probe the utilization of your current resources. For more specificity regarding the types of data Usage AI collects, please refer to the privacy policy.

We currently support EC2, RDS, OpenSearch, Elasticache, Redshift, and DynamoDB. However, in some special cases, we do support optimizations for EBS. We are currently working on expanding the repertoire of supported services within EC2.

We currently support only AWS cloud. However, we will soon be expanding to other platforms.

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