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June 15, 2023 | 2 min read
Usage AI announces a new tool for EC2 Pricing!
Bardia Rezaei

Bardia Rezaei

Chief of Staff

Bardia is the Chief of Staff at Usage AI.
Press Release

New York, New York, June 2023 - We're excited to give you the first peek at our free tool - the EC2 Pricing Calculator. Figuring out AWS EC2 instance pricing can feel like navigating a maze. We totally get it, and that's why we're delivering this new tool right to your doorstep. No more scratching your head over endless pricing models and instances.

With a multitude of instance types, sizes, regions, and pricing models, AWS EC2 offers unparalleled flexibility. However, this flexibility also brings complexity. Trying to compare prices across this vast matrix can be a tedious task, particularly with the constant updates to services, regional price differences, and potential additional costs like data transfer and storage. We designed the EC2 Pricing Calculator to be your go-to buddy when dealing with these complexities. Its mission? Make your life easier by bringing clarity to AWS costs and helping you ace your resource planning game.

With our EC2 Pricing Calculator, you can check out prices and compare different EC2 instances in a jiffy. It's like having a menu for AWS costs right at your fingertips - just pick your instance type, size, region, and voila!

In other words, it lets you:

  • Instantly compare prices across different instance types, sizes, and regions.
  • Make decisions fast, without getting lost in the AWS cost labyrinth.
  • Keep your AWS budget in check and your boss happy.

The EC2 Pricing Calculator is the perfect sidekick to our Flex Reserved Instances (RIs). Pick and switch to the right instance for the job at any time with our Flex RIs. No need to worry about lock-in if you change your mind!

Your feedback fuels our engine, so don't hold back, send me an email at [email protected]. We're psyched to hear your thoughts and improve the EC2 Pricing Calculator based on your insights.

Thanks for being part of our journey, and here's to making AWS cost management a piece of cake!

In anticipation of customer inquiries, Usage AI has provided answers to several questions:

How can I access the EC2 pricing page?

Just head over to our website, find the tool under our ‘resources’ tab, and you're all set - no complicated setup needed.

Head directly to the EC2 pricing tool by clicking here.

How much will this cost?

Completely free! It'll always be available on our homepage -- no login or signup required!

Bardia Rezaei

Bardia Rezaei

Chief of Staff

Bardia is the Chief of Staff at Usage AI.
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