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May 11, 2023 | 2 min read
Usage Announces Support for Reserved Instances with Guaranteed Buyback on Windows
Kaveh Khorram

Kaveh Khorram

Founder and CEO

Kaveh Khorram is the founder and CEO of Usage AI
Press Release

New York, NY – May 11, 2023 – Usage, a leading innovator in cloud cost optimization solutions, today announced a significant enhancement to its suite of services: support for Reserved Instances (RIs) with a guaranteed buyback option on the Windows platform.

This new feature allows customers to optimize their cloud costs further by investing in RIs, which provide significant cost savings over on-demand pricing. Furthermore, with the guaranteed buyback option, customers can now enjoy greater flexibility and risk mitigation. If the demand for specific resources decreases, customers can sell back their unused RIs to Usage, ensuring that their investments are always secure.

"Usage is committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions that minimize cloud spending while maximizing efficiency," said Kaveh Khorram, CEO of Usage. "The addition of support for RIs with a guaranteed buyback on Windows is a testament to this commitment. We understand that business needs are dynamic, and with this new feature, our customers can confidently invest in RIs without worrying about potential changes in their cloud usage needs."

The support for RIs with guaranteed buyback is now available for all Usage users. Customers can easily access this service via the Usage dashboard, providing a simple and intuitive way to manage their cloud resources more effectively.

Q: How can I access this new feature?

A: Customers interested in this new feature can get started by running a Savings Test. Alternatively, you can discuss this feature further with a member of the Usage sales team.

Q: Is this feature available for all customers immediately?

A: This is a Beta rollout and decisions are made on a customer-by-customer basis. We are gradually introducing this feature to ensure the best experience and results for our customers.

Q: What benefits can I expect from using RIs with a guaranteed buyback option?

A: Reserved Instances provide significant cost savings over on-demand pricing. The Guaranteed Buyback option adds a level of security and flexibility, allowing you to sell back your unused RIs if your demand for specific resources decreases.

Q: I am already a Usage customer. How can I switch to this new feature?

A: Existing customers interested in this new feature should reach out to their dedicated account manager or the Usage sales team. They will guide you through the transition process.

Kaveh Khorram

Kaveh Khorram

Founder and CEO

Kaveh Khorram is the founder and CEO of Usage AI
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