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October 12, 2023 | 2 min read
Usage.AI Announces support for AWS multi-Organization
David Close

David Close

SVP, Business Development

David is the SVP of Business Development and Alliances at Usage.AI
AWS multi-Organization

Today, following client feedback and emerging user trends, Usage.AI is pleased to announce support for AWS multi-Organization. This means that customers who have multiple AWS Organizations set up in their environment, can now integrate seamlessly with the Usage.AI dashboard and see resource reports and optimization recommendations across multiple Organizations through a single pane of glass.

At Usage.AI, we strive to continue to add features and functionality that enhances users' experience of our software and the AWS platform, and we constantly add to our product roadmap based on customer feedback and demand. With this release, we are thrilled to help customers who take advantage of the budgetary, security, and compliance benefits of AWS Organizations and have multiple Organizations set up within their AWS environment.

If you are using AWS but not leveraging Organizations, we strongly encourage you to consider adopting it as a part of AWS’ Well Architected Framework and design best practices.

About AWS Organizations x Usage.AI

AWS Organizations is an account management service that allows you to consolidate multiple AWS accounts into a single organization. By leveraging the Usage.AI dashboard and AWS Organizations console, you can view and manage all of your accounts within your organization.

AWS Organizations, enhanced by Usage.AI enables the following capabilities:

• Create member accounts and invite existing accounts to join your organization

• Automate AWS account creation and management

• Maintain a secure environment with policies and management of AWS security services

• Govern access to AWS services, resources, and regions

• Allocate resources, group accounts, and apply governance policies to accounts or groups

• Optimization recommendations for AWS spend, lowering your AWS bill

• Simplified AWS billing

• Visibility of AWS usage across accounts and services

Reach out to us at [email protected] to request a demo and free savings test if this is a use case or feature that would benefit your DevOps and FinOps efforts.

David Close

David Close

SVP, Business Development

David is the SVP of Business Development and Alliances at Usage.AI
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