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Discover how optimized their cloud environment and redirected RoS (Return on Savings) into business growth, seamlessly integrating new AWS services and product development, to fuel innovation and meet diverse customer needs.


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200+ Employees | Headquarters: NYC | Industry: B2B | Service: AWS EC2, RDS, Redshift, OpenSearch

Company: Simplifying the B2B Marketplace Experience is a guided B2B marketplace with a mission to simplify buying for businesses. makes it easy for businesses to place and track purchases across all their vendors, control spend, and make payments in a single, consolidated bill. Tailored insights and purchasing recommendations fuel smarter spending decisions so businesses can easily save time and money on what they need to grow.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in New York City, oversees nearly half a billion in annualized spend across hundreds of customers like WeWork, SoulCycle, Lume, and High Level Health. has raised $50M in funding from industry-leading investors like MIT, Stage 2 Capital, Rally Ventures, 645 Ventures, and more. has been proudly named as a 50 to Watch by Spend Matters and a Best Place to Work by BuiltIn.
Situation / Opportunity: Building an Optimized Platform for Innovation is an end-to-end purchase-to-pay (P2P) software designed to help align finance and operations teams, foster operational efficiency and increase spend visibility. With this strategic value proposition resonating with customers, was experiencing rapid growth as a company and, as a consequence, leveraged Amazon Web Services (AWS) to dynamically scale to support different customer user profiles and usage patterns across multiple industries and timezones. Specifically, leverages native AWS services like EC2, RDS, RedShift & OpenSearch for compute, database, data warehouse and machine learning functions to drive core business applications, client operations and ensure a seamless customer onboarding process. soon became aware that there were opportunities to optimize their AWS environment, but they also recognized that their Technology team was better utilized in adding features and functionality to improve the platform and to support business growth. As such, were running a highly performant but unoptimized AWS environment, resulting in unnecessary spend and budget overruns, and unable to take advantage of the greater savings offered by multi-year AWS resource commitments such as Reserved Instances.

The Leadership team had heard of Usage.AI through their AWS account team, and turned to the Product team at Usage.AI for an initial assessment on potential cost optimization opportunities. This included a simple savings test through read only access for a sample account, which yielded some significant initial optimization recommendations. As a result, decided to move forward with implementing Usage across their entire AWS environment.
Solution: Observing and Optimizing Usage

An AWS customer since its inception, constantly builds and iterates on AWS and has an architecture that is simple, powerful, and easy to maintain and develop on. Furthermore, by incorporating the Usage EC2, RDS, Redshift and OpenSearch optimization and observability products, is able to address four core technology and business operational pillars;

  • Performance: by using the right compute or storage configurations, applications will perform optimally, leading to faster response times, improved user experience, and potential revenue gains.
  • Budget Allocation: controlled and allocated spending means will stay within a forecasted budget. In the absence of checks and balances, budget overruns can occur, adversely impacting the bottom line and other areas of the business.
  • Visibility: with clear insight into AWS spending patterns, can perform trend analysis and ROI reviews on specific products and functions.
  • Scaling for demand: by optimizing for user demand, can effectively scale infrastructure. Without these measures, applications may be under-provisioned during peak periods or over-provisioned during off-peak times.
Results: Reallocating RoS to New Features and Functionality
By deploying Usage.AI across their AWS environment, was immediately able to identify optimization opportunities and realize RoS, reallocating 57% of AWS spend towards product development and performance enhancing features on the platform, whilst also reducing their cloud cost per customer, a key financial metric. Developers have been able to add new services and build new features and still take advantage of AWS' cost savings plans without constraining platform performance and scale. plans to continue growing its vendor management functionality and expanding its client base. By partnering with Usage.AI, can realize that vision and now has a cloud native and spend optimized platform that supports different customer user profiles and usage patterns across multiple industries and timezones.
“We want to own the B2B Order process in the regions we operate,” says's CTO, Tom Jaklitsch. “Using AWS & Usage, we have everything we need to accomplish that. Our platform is optimized, reliable, scalable, and easy to maintain, so we can spend our efforts on valuable tasks that benefit customers instead of maintenance and monitoring spend. By working with Usage on observability and optimization,'s infrastructure is in a great position to effectively scale without impeding growth..”'s total savings per service (2022/23)
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Tom Jaklitsch

Tom Jaklitsch

Co-Founder & CTO

Usage AI has been an invaluable partner in our growth. We've found them to bring the perfect blend of expertise and execution. In an industry often lacking in quality, they are a pleasure to work with and I'd highly recommend them for anyone looking to cost effectively level-up their cloud and data operations.

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