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Discover how Secureframe optimized their cloud environment and redirected RoS (Return on Savings) into new features, seamlessly integrating new AWS services and product development, to fuel innovation and stay ahead of a constantly evolving regulatory and compliance landscape.


Return on Savings immediately reallocated to new service on AWS


Integrations across 300+ customers


Raised in 4 Funding rounds

150+ Employees | Headquarters: San Francisco, CA | Industry: Software Development | Service: AWS EC2, RDS, OpenSearch

Company: Award Winning Automated Compliance

Secureframe is an automated compliance platform built by compliance experts. Secureframe helps organizations achieve and maintain continuous security and privacy compliance — including SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and more. Secureframe enables compliance so customers can focus on their core business.

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in San Francisco, Secureframe oversees 150+ integrations across thousands of customers like Generali, Rand McNally, Coda and AngelList. Secureframe has raised $79M in funding from industry-leading investors like Kleiner Perkins, Gradient Ventures, Base10 Partners, and more. Secureframe has been proudly named as America's Best Startup Employers by Forbes and in the SMBTech 50 List by Nasdaq.
Situation / Opportunity: Building a Scalable Platform for Growth

Secureframe is experiencing rapid growth and constantly developing new product offerings to expand its global customer base. Secureframe leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) to dynamically scale to support the new growth and accommodate different customer user profiles and usage patterns. Specifically, Secureframe leverages native AWS services like EC2, RDS & OpenSearch for compute, database and machine learning functions to drive core business applications, client operations and ensure a seamless customer onboarding process.

However, Secureframe soon found its existing infrastructure was unoptimized and couldn't scale to match the company's own pace of innovation. For example, the company's previous customer onboarding solution was rigid and constrained - requiring large amounts of manual intervention and offering little flexibility. This meant developers were spending less time on value adding tasks like building features and functionality to scale the platform and to support user growth.
The Leadership team at Secureframe were connected with Usage.AI on the recommendation of their AWS account team, and turned to the Product team at Usage.AI for an initial assessment to identify AWS optimization opportunities. This included a simple savings test through read-only access for a sample account, which yielded some significant initial optimization recommendations. As a result, Secureframe decided to move forward with implementing Usage.AI across their entire AWS environment.
Solution: Observing and Optimizing AWS Usage
By incorporating the Usage EC2, RDS, and OpenSearch optimization and observability products, Secureframe has been able to build an adaptable architecture on AWS that is simple, powerful, and easy to maintain and develop on. Furthermore, Secureframe is now able to address four core technology and business operational pillars to support scalable growth;
  • Performance: by using the right compute or storage configurations, Secureframe's applications will perform optimally, leading to faster response times, improved user experience, and potential revenue gains.
  • Budget Allocation: controlled and allocated spending means Secureframe will stay within a forecasted budget. In the absence of checks and balances, budget overruns would otherwise occur, adversely impacting the bottom line and other areas of the business.
  • Visibility: with clear insight into AWS spending patterns, Secureframe can perform trend analysis and ROI reviews on specific products, functions or regions.
  • Scaling for demand: by optimizing for user demand, Secureframe can effectively scale infrastructure. Without these measures, applications may be under-provisioned during peak periods or over-provisioned during off-peak times.
Results: Reallocating RoS to New Features and Functionality
By deploying Usage.AI across their AWS environment, Secureframe was immediately able to identify optimization opportunities, allowing the company to quickly scale for accelerated customer growth. By realizing Return on Savings (RoS), Secureframe has enjoyed better Engineering efficiencies meaning developers no longer spending hours on manual tasks, and by reallocating AWS spend towards product development and performance enhancing features on the platform, Secureframe is able to stay ahead of a constantly evolving compliance and regulatory landscape. Furthermore, Secureframe has been able to take advantage of AWS' cost savings plans without constraining platform performance and scale, thereby reducing their cloud cost per customer, a key financial metric.

“We want to own the regulatory and compliance processes across all regions,” says Secureframe's CEO, Shrav Mehta. “Using AWS & Usage.AI, we have everything we need to accomplish that. Our platform is optimized, scalable, and easy to maintain, so we can spend our efforts on scaling up our growth strategy and adding compliance tools that actually benefit customers. By working with Usage.AI on observability and optimization, our infrastructure is in a great position to effectively scale without impeding growth.”

Secureframe's total savings per service (2022/23)
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Shrav Mehta

Shrav Mehta

Founder and CEO


We partnered with Usage.AI to help scale up our growth strategy. We love their customer service, intuitive dashboard and automated recommendations, which gives us the agility to scale and go-to-market with a robust set of compliance offerings for our customers

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